Ingrooves provides a unique set of distribution and digital marketing services that empower record labels and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and thrive in the global music industry.

Connect with new fans around the world

Build a global audience for your artists with the help of regional music industry experts throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Increase profits by targeting your marketing dollars better.

Ingrooves’ patented Smart Audience AI technology enables label managers to identify and advertise to high-value audiences, resulting in a nearly two-fold increase in streams compared to traditional methods.

Quickly and easily make the most of real-time marketing opportunities

Ingrooves’ Songs on the Move feature alerts you to significant changes in your songs’ daily streaming patterns across multiple retailers. Capitalize on that valuable data instantly using our powerful advertising campaign and asset management tools.

Promote your entire catalog

Break through the more than 70 million songs available online and increase streams of your artists’ songs in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Streamline your business

Save time and money by managing distribution, marketing, financial services and advanced analytics all from within the Ingrooves ecosystem.

Take the headache out of royalties and other accounting processes

Manage complex royalty distributions simply using Ingrooves’ financial platform.