(LOS ANGELES, CA) –  Ingrooves, one of the world’s leading independent music distribution and marketing services companies, announced today the availability of Trends Now, an algorithmic newsfeed of essential activity happening across a labels’ or artists’ music and fans. Trends Now is a new product in Ingrooves’ proprietary technology platform, Central, that allows labels to identify and quickly capitalize on potential marketing opportunities.

“The seemingly infinite amount of content available to consumers in the streaming environment increases the importance of developing thoughtful, capital-efficient marketing strategies,” said Bob Roback, CEO of Ingrooves.  “Our focus is on analyzing and curating massive amounts of data to surface timely, actionable insights that allow our partners to consider and execute effective marketing plans. Trends Now is a unique and impactful tool for labels and artists to directly confront the growing marketing challenge.”

Trends Now is a companion to Ingrooves’ existing trends and sales dashboards. Trends Now analyzes all the data that comes through Ingrooves and provides a curated view of timely events to allow labels to react and make quicker, smarter decisions on the marketing of their music. Here’s some early feedback from label partners:

TrendsNow lets us know what is going on across all DSPs with our music and gives us actionable data to help us and our artists find new listeners.” – Bill Armstrong, Side One Dummy Records

“….after testing Trends Now, the team at Ingrooves definitely understands the importance of music data and trend analysis. It offers valuable insight to help make better business decisions and create revenue growth…” – Luca Scalisi, President of DEL Records, Inc

“Ingrooves’ Trends Now gives an incredible amount of insight, allowing us to obtain playlist adds and fluctuations in track streams / downloads all in one convenient location. It’s a tool I now use daily.” – Marc Jetton of Sargent House Records


About Ingrooves:
Ingrooves is a global music distribution company that provides marketing and rights management services for independent labels and artists. Ingrooves combines a powerful technology platform, data-driven insights and a team of global music marketing experts to help labels and artists maximize their revenue potential in today’s dynamic music marketplace.